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Welcome to the Prince of Tennis RP Tenisu no Ohimesama!

This is an AU RP that parallels the normal Prince of Tennis world with just one slight change...

Everyone has switched genders.

This means that previously boy characters are now girls, and previously girl characters are now boys. They have been all their lives (this is not a wake-up-and-oh-look-I-grew-boobs thing), and they still play tennis and go to their respective schools. Tennis will not be the main focus of the RP, though players can still play matches against one another if they wish. Characters are also allowed to join other clubs if they want.

This is our third official run, I believe, so let's have fun with it! We are taking a post-nationals setting this time around, but will not be totally following the 'future' events shown at the end of the manga. Mostly because it would be helpful for She-Ryoma to still be in Japan.

Rules - We are pretty relaxed but we have to have some.
1. Be nice.
2. No god-modding.
3. All logs behind cuts, please.
4. YURI IS ALLOWED and heartily encouraged. Please rate any non work-safe logs.
5. If you plan on going on hiatus, dropping a character, etc. please inform the mods and post in the OOC comm.
6. There is currently a three character per person limit, with two-week wait periods between apps.

New run now open for apps.
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